Friday, June 29, 2012

Our Facebook Mobile Ad Test

Nice plug for our company, Targeted Social, in this Forbes story.  The results from the first Facebook ad campaigns on mobile devices have been extremely encouraging.  Our first campaign featuring a Unilever promotion was no exception.  CTRs were almost 2%, a 2200% increase over the same campaign on desk top.

The Forbes reporter focused on another layer of data from our campaign and a few others - performance of ads on IOS versus Android devises.  And the results are compelling.  Android users clicked on ads 28%-109% more than IOS users.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Facebook: A New Creative Canvas

Highly recommend "Facebook: A New Creative Canvas", a 20 minute presentation by one of Facebook's senior brand and product execs.  Great, broad overview of how brands should be using Facebook as well as some obviously self-serving, but compelling visions of how a future social-media infused digital media landscape will look.

The main strategy outlined here coincides with our most successful Facebook campaigns at Targeted Social: Use many lightweight interactions over time to build relationships, and then throw the party.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Newsprint On My Fingers

Great article in GIGAOM titled "What Happens When A Newspaper Is Just Another Digital Voice".

Are the newspapers that have been able to hang in there, now cutting back on the number of days they print and rely more and more on digital distribution, losing their power as community watch-dogs and influence sources?

I certainly feel there is much more power in the print version of The New York Times that lands at my door every morning at 6 am, the authoritative first news of the day, then the version I read on my iPad or Google Reader, packed in with dozens of other news sources.

Certainly the advertising is more powerful.  Is there anything more impactful than a full page ad running the length of my arms to thighs while I sip my morning coffee?

But I will soon be moving out of the demo that advertisers covet most.