Monday, August 10, 2009

Newspapers Can Still Deliver

This reprint of a famous New York Times headline story dropped out of my home-delivered paper over 3 weeks ago, providing immediate delight to my entire family. It has been sitting on our living room coffee table ever since, often picked up and browsed by visiting friends.

The reprint is sponsored by Louis Vuitton and their latest “journeys” ad celebrating the “greatest journey of all” occupies the entire back page. This particular ad placement was a keypart of a broader association with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

It’s been discussed ad nauseam how difficult it has become for advertisers to stand out and effectively reach and influence their target audience. Here we have one of the oldest media properties in the country, the flagship of a media category deemed by most to be on it’s last legs, delivering a truly compelling offering that serves ongoing value to itself, its readers and a large advertising partner.

A recent forecast by Borell Associates actually shows newspaper ad revenue rebounding next year. The forecast points to better and more innovative ad selling.