Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Need Versus Love

The more digital my life becomes, the more I crave traditional media forms.  I NEED my smart phone, but LOVE shutting it down and popping into a museum to see some great artwork in person.  I like the ultility and immediacy of my kindle, but love browsing the bookstore and taking home a classic in print form.  I enjoy browsing the daily edition of the NY Times on my iPad, but cherish my Sunday mornings with the print version.

Came across this great column in AdAge titled "How I Learned To Stop Clicking and Love Print Again"  which totally captures my feelings about digital and traditional media forms.
... the constant adrenaline rush of producing and consuming web content ...  leaves me feeling a little ... lost sometimes. When you spend your days floating on a cloud of internet ephemera -- breaking news, status updates, smart and dumb blog posts alike, tweets, animated GIFs, etc. -- you can't help but feel a little light-headed. And unmoored.
For me, and the author, mooring comes when the digital feed is turned off.  Although I did stumble across this column in my Google Reader news feed.