Monday, July 27, 2015

The Future of Advertising at VidCon

Dozens of the independent creators featured at VidCon this year have reach as big as cable and broadcast television networks. But more importantly, because they have such an authentic and passionate relationship with their subscribers, (see picture of screaming fans) advertisers are striking marketing partnerships with them at an extraordinary rate.

It seemed like every other company I spoke to during the conference was in one way or another providing services that connect brand advertisers with “influencers.” (marketing speak for social media stars.) And many of the bigger creators - now representing every imaginable programming genre from gaming to science to entertainment - are producing content as good and often better than most of what you can find on television.

They have talented writing and production teams, state-of-the-art equipment and operate like highly efficient production companies, studios and networks. Brand advertisers find them nimble, creative, and collaborative, often developing relationships similar to the ones they have with their traditional ad agencies. Perhaps even more importantly, these creators are testing and then conquering (or discarding) every new emerging distribution platform, providing the brands a unique media lab.

For a brand to be able to sit down and collaborate with an individual creator that has a real time relationship with an engaged community of millions, and has the team and production expertise to deliver a targeted and compelling brand integration in a matter of days, is truly revolutionary.

The advertising industry is need of an efficiency make-over.

VidCon provides a snap shot into the future.