Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TV's Golden Age

TV is in the midst of a truly golden age, perhaps even  supplanting the movie industry as the showcase for our best and most innovative filmed entertainment.   There are literally dozen of shows now on the air that are not just buzz worthy, addictive entertainment, but truly artistic expressions of some of our country's most creative and innovative thinkers.  And while our technology innovation gets all the press, we sure know how to create great entertainment that is gobbled up around the world as voraciously as our iPhones and Facebook apps.

HBO built its reputation on introducing this stuff to TV audiences, but now there are dozen's of channels with a water cooler hit or two in their line up.  At a dinner party last month, just a few weeks before the Academy Awards, the conversation steered to TV shows.  Seemed everyone had a different show or two to rave about, and the list was broad and varied, as was the networks that carried them, from the major broadcasters, to large and niche cable networks.

The big question is how can all these networks sustain themselves on just one or two hits each, especially as more and more of the viewing occurs in DVR, online and tablet environments, where ad monetization models are still being established.