Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Best Business Presentation I Have Ever Seen

We all strive to tell our business story in a clear, concise and compelling manner.  Weaning, editing and ultimately leaving things out of a presentation is much harder than including lots of information, and the best presentations, just like the best poems, books and other forms of art and communications, tell a story with such apparent ease and focus that we are inspired with the the artist/executive/entrepreneur's vision and capability. 

Such is the case with Netflix's business plan which was recently posted online for the world to see by their CEO, Reed Hastings.

It takes 5 minutes to flow through the 40 or so slides, after which one can see clearly why Netflix is so successful. It's their laser focus on succeeding at one enormous opportunity and their thorough understanding of their competition and where they sit in a media landscape changing at light speed, dominated by companies 10X as large.

The presentation not only shares Nettflix's vision and some broad insight into the future of Television, but some great business management aphorisms such as: "Rather than depending on one genius, we democratize innovation" and "To have profitable growth in such a huge market, you find a segment in which you can gain and maintain leadership."

Finally, it is just fascinating to watch a company that started as a direct mail business (and continues to generate most of its revenue from mail subscription) have such an enormous impact on the future of digital media.